Important G.Os for D.D.Os


47-FB-Follow up training programme for implementation of E-Banton Module of IFMS Project

736-F(Y) - Salient features of the new IFMS

1179-F(Y) -Implementation of e-Pradan ( e-Payment) module of IFMS

2400-F(Y) dt.17.3.15 (revised TR form 68B related to cashless

2910-F(Y)-Preparation of the Annual Finance and Appropriation Accounts of the Government of West Bengal for 2014-15

3045-F(Y)-Clarification on Digital Signature Certificates(DSC)

3060-F(Y)-Drawal of advance sanctioned under TR 4.138 of WBTR, 2005

3292-F(Y) revised - Guidelines to deal with the problems faced by Works Department and Forest Department

3385-F(Y)- Revision of maximum reimbursable amount of telephone charges for residential telephone line as well as for personal mobile phone in respect of the officers in the rank of Principal Secretary

3391-F(Y) - Guidelines to deal with the issues involved in providing necessary fund to the Resource division and procurement of materials for stock purpose

IFMS -Memo of Integrated Financial Management Project dated 18.07.2014

Notification regarding IFMS bearing no 2863 -F(Y) dated 02.06.2014

No.1746-F(Y)- I.F.M.S - Instruction for drawal of fund from the Pay and Accounts Offices/Treasuries of the State Government during the financial year 2014-15

No. 4730-F- Travelling Allowance Rules

Conveyance allowance  admissible to the blind & orthopaedically handicapped state govt. employee

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