General Instructions


  1. The Trainee Officers whose names have been approved by the Hon’ble High Court at Calcutta to undergo any training programme shall have to mandatorily attend the training programme conducted by the West Bengal Judicial Academy save and except the ones who have been granted prior exemption by the Hon’ble High Court at Calcutta and the same shall have to be informed to the Director of the West Bengal Judicial Academy prior to the date of commencement of a particular training schedule. Any absence from the training without the aforesaid exemption shall be immediately brought to the notice of the Hon’ble High Court at Calcutta.
  2. Rooms allotted to the officers can’t be changed.
  3. This Academy is residential. So the Trainee Officers are not allowed to stay outside the Academy during training course.
  4. Officers are requested not to insist mess workers for room service. The breakfast, lunch, dinner and evening tea will be served in the mess.
  5. All officers are requested to use the left hand side ‘lift’ only. They must not throw any object, whatsoever including cigarette ends through the windows and balcony. Consuming alcohol inside the Academy is strictly prohibited.
  6. Trainee Officers are requested to attend classes in time according to the programme and wear proper dress.
  7. Before leaving the room they must shut all the windows and doors from inside and switch off all the lights, fans, exhaust fan and specially Air Conditioner and geyser without fail.
  8. They are requested not to keep the windows, door open, when the air Conditioner is on.
  9. Giving feedback is compulsory. On the last day of the training Course, the officers are expected to fill up and hand over the evaluation sheet with great care and sincerity.
  10. Books from library are to be taken strictly on written requisition.
  11. Drinking water is to be collected by the Officers from the Hostel kitchen in jugs etc. as there is dearth of staff.
  12. Make your stay beautiful and memorable by showing good manners to all and sundry.
  13. This is your Academy. Please keep it clean and tidy. In case of any inconvenience relating to staying of the Judicial Officers in WBJA, it may be reported to either any of the Group D Staffs of WBJA or it may be noted down in the Complaint Register maintained in the office.
  14. In case of any extreme emergency and/or exigency please contact 033-23247306/23247303/ 23247304 or  in the following office mobile number of Administrative Officer -8335035533.
  15. Administrative approval for fixing of food charges @ Rs. 350/- per day per trainee.

Source: Official Website of WBJA, Last Updated on 08-12-2017

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